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Park Bench Seat
Condition: Manufacture

Our park and garden sitting bench models, which we produce from impregnated pine timber and the foot parts with aluminum casting technique, are produced by hand with care.
After the metal parts of our seating benches, which are used outdoors for 4 seasons, are sandblasted and painted with anti-static paint, they are subjected to heat treatment in 220 degrees ovens for 2 hours and the paint is completely adhered to the metal surface, so that paint does not spill from the bench legs in any weather condition.
We can embroider logos or slogans on the wooden parts of the park benches, which have 20 models in our production line, with the help of laser beams. The logo writing process is mostly requested by the municipalities, and on the benches given as gifts for the park and gardens by some helpful people, they can also put their company names on the product. they want.
You can benefit from our wholesaler discount by placing a wholesale order of 1 or more of each of our seating models.