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   AKBRELLA, which is the brand of the umbrella brand of sekc, is the products of cafe type telescopic umbrella models, wooden umbrella types with side body and types of manual telescopic umbrellas which belong to our preferred brand of enterprises with high quality. We have added an aluminum casting and metal twisting plant to our garden umbrella production factory upon the high demands from our customers. In our new production plant, we have started to produce under our own brand with various models such as aluminum casting tables, chairs, lighting poles, sconce lamps, indoor & outdoor garbage cans. Apart from metal products, we sell the furniture we sell in our website and we sell products belonging to wood furniture factory in Istanbul which we have special agreement. At the same time, we are negotiating with the SIESTA brand rattan plastic groups at special discount prices.


Design garden umbrella model

You can choose one of our umbrella models in the 1st stage by clicking on the top right side of this page on the page. You can choose the color of the umbrella that comes to the end of the umbrella fabric, you can choose the fixed or movable carrier leg according to your usage area in the 5th stage.. https://www.akbrella.com.tr/kendi-semsiyeni-tasarla


Outdoor furniture

  When you click on the garden furniture product pages of our site, you will find thousands of wooden, metal, rattan, plastic furniture models that you can use in your café, restaurant, hotel and garden. Our garden furniture product range includes thousands of table chair models, garden swings, sun loungers, sitting benches, lighting poles, lighting fixtures and outdoor trash cans.


Cafe Bar Furniture

For your cafes and restaurants, you can use the models of metal, wood, rattan and plastic in thousands. table, chair, single seat, sofa set, corner set, multiple bench products such as a wide range of products by visiting our product categories page can reach our product range.


Aluminum casting products

  Akbrella has started to produce aluminum casting products under the brand of AKBRELLA in its own workshop, aluminum casting products in our production scale; types of tables, armchairs & armless chairs, living benches, outdoor garbage cans, sconce lamps and site lighting poles. You can obtain the products that are suitable for your desired color project from our website.


Lighting units

We produce classical and modern outdoor lighting products using materials such as aluminum casting, steel profile, galvanization in thousands of models that you can use in the exterior areas of your cafes, restaurants, bars and hotels. You can get price quotation from all kinds of products such as modern Led and Classic lighting poles, nostalgic and modern wall lights, set-top wall lights, lawn luminaires. 


Advantageous prices

Many products we sell on our site are at minimum prices, the same product on many websites are sold at a price of 2 times why questions are constantly asked to our customer representatives, the prices are appropriate
A) In our site, we do not ask for a 15% profit commission, including other vendors, and in the first stage - we are 15% cheaper.
B) Since we don't try to make a profit by buying a product from a producer and adding a profit rate of 20% - 20% are cheap for this reason.
C) In our price policy, we find it more appropriate to make a 15% profit instead of a 40% profit.
D) As a result, you will get a much more affordable price with the same product.

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