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Garden Furniture

Garden Furniture

Cafe type telescopic umbrella models, side bodied wood types and manual telescopic types which are also products of our own brands Akbrella A.Ş. even if it is parasol brand in origin, are mostly preferred by our prominent clients. Akbrella A.Ş was expanded through aluminum casting and metal bending plants additionally to garden umbrella production factory thanks to its clients’ huge valuable demands. In this way, we have started to produce aluminum casting tables, chairs, lighting columns, wall lamps, indoor and outdoor dustbin under the title of our own brand. Some imported furniture and some products belongs to contracted wood furniture factories headquartered in İstanbul, are also sold additionally to metal products in our website. You can reach rattan plastic groups products belong to our contracted company, SIESTA, with special discount prices via website as well. 


You can design your umbrella within 6 steps by clink the banner which you can find right top of the page. You can select one type of the umbrellas in the first step and you can prefer fringed or non-fringed, square or circle as a second step. You can make a selection color fabric of the umbrella in the third step while you can continue to arrange color details as a fourth step. In the fifth step, you can select leg of the umbrella as stable or moving. As a last step, you can add your selection which is organized by yourself to cart and you can buy online. 


You can find thousands wood, metal, rattan and plastic furniture models which you can use in different places such as garden of café, restaurant, hotels and your house by clicking the link on the garden furniture product groups page. You can view thousands models for  table-chair, garden swings, sun beds, sitting benches, lighting columns, lighting armatures, outdoor bins on our website. 


You can find thousands of various models about table, chair, armchair, seating group, corner set, multiple benches which consists from different content such as metal, woods, rattan and plastic etc. 


Akbrella has started to produce aluminum casting products in own plant under its brand. There are different kinds of aluminum casting products such as tables, chairs and straight chairs, sitting benches, outdoor bins, wall lamps, site lighting columns and etc. You can prefer color of your product as your wish and have access from the website. 


Akbrella produces classic and modern outdoor lighting products which you can use on your cafe, restaurant and hotels enterprise, by using different materials such as steel profiles, aluminum casting, and galvanic. You can demand price request for your different needs. We can produce modern led and classic lighting columns, nostalgic and modern wall lamps, set top appliqué, grass lighting armatures accordingly your requirements for your projects. 


Most of the products which we sell on website have minimum prices. That is the reason why other websites sell same product on different expensive prices, which is asked by our most of the valuable clients to our company’s customer representatives. Of course, there are some important reasons why we have competitive prices which you can find below. 
1-) We do not work with another supplier by considering %15 commission. In this way, we have better prices as much as 15 percentage on the first base.
2-) We do not try to make a profit by providing  our products from another supplier, considering 20 percentage profit. In this way, we have better prices as much as 20 percentage on the second base.
3-) We prefer 15 percentage profit instead of 40 percentage. In this way, we have better and better price as much as 25 percentages.
4-) As a conclusion, you can have access to same products for better and favorable prices with 2 years guarantees by receiving best and quick services. 


Garden Umbrella