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Plastic Bar Stool

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In our catalog you can order first class and Eco second class plastic stool types at reasonable prices and there are many models and color options. Since it can be stacked in a nest, the minimum order limitation is 10 in plastic stool models, which offers great convenience in storage and does not require maintenance.
The prices displayed in our catalog of plastic stool models are valid for 10 products and all of these prices include VAT. A minimum of 10 plastic stools accept the order, and a large number of stools make special discounts on your orders. When examining the types of plastic stools, you can see that the product is made of first-class or Eco-grade plastic material in the sections where the products are explained. Most of the products in our catalog are first class plastic materials.
Most of the plastic stool models in our catalog are always in stock and these products can be shipped with your order on the same day without waiting. If you choose from the products that have been exhausted in our stocks, shipments are made within 3 working days at the latest. You can contact us for your special design orders for 7 days and 24 hours.


■ The minimum sales quantity of plastic bar chair models in this area is 10 pieces, different packages are offered for sale at discount prices in the product options module and VAT is included.
■ Price quoted prices are the VAT price of 10 plastic stools, the prices have been made more economical.
■ All the plastic stools that are put up for sale can be stacked together and therefore occupy a very economical area.
■ Most of the stools on this page are made of first class plastic, products made of EKO 2nd class plastic are listed in the Product Details section.
■ Some of the products in this area may not be available in stock, ready products will be shipped on the same day, products not stocked will be shipped within 3 business days.