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Metal döküm alt yapı ürünleri We cannot take the safety of the place where we stand, the sheltered structure of the companies operating in the area and the resilience of the place we live. Yes, we are absolutely right ğ Every piece of the smallest to the smallest of us should give us endless confidence with the endurance, Akbrella shows us the quality of our castings which are required by the companies with the activity we show in the casting industry, and the products you are interested in, as well as every product as much as your bank. Akbrella, which fulfills its duties safely with its durable metal raw material from sewage covers, rain water grids, Turk Telekom covers, floor drains, sitting benches to garbage cans, offers special orders to the consumers. With its expert staff, advanced technology and qualified team, our institution, which has signed many infrastructure products, gives you confidence and trust.
You can examine all these durable and useful infrastructure products in this section of our site and you can have the most suitable and discounted price for the product you need. Keep in mind that we are always on your side as the Akbrella family, from the grill you press, as much as the bank you sit on Unut
Our company operating in the foundry industry, casting quality products and customer satisfaction in the foreground has started working life. TSE and ISO 9001 Standards in accordance with the requirements of our valued customers are proud to serve. From the castings of GG10 to GG35 in the cast iron which the companies need, GGG40 to GGG90 is casted.
Akbrella Casting sewer covers, rain water grids, Turk Telekom lids, floor drains, seating benches, trash bins and special orders are offered to the consumers. Akbrella Döküm has been operating with R & D department with its well-organized personnel and management by showing the importance and sensitivity required for the training and by providing the quality of the staff, providing the continuity of the service and product quality, designing the products of tomorrow with its expert staff and advanced technology to our valuable customers. Akbrella Casting aims to ensure the success and efficiency of casting.
We would like to thank Akbrella Döküm for your interest and support and we will be glad to serve our valued customers in the future.