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Wooden sunbed

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Wooden deck chair

We proudly present you with a product that will be indispensable for your pools and gardens, beaches and even sunbathing terraces and gardens. Introducing quality, elegance and durability: Wooden sunbeds Karş
In this part of our site is quite useful with its feature that can adjust according to your reach position, with its natural appearance brought by the raw material of wood, it is quite durable with wood raw material which blows a breeze from the nature and it can also examine our wooden chaise models which are quite comfortable by addressing your comfort, it can be produced from beech wood. quality and elegant product can be easily.
Apart from all these advantages, it can be used straight in a 180 degree angle and can be used in the seat model. This product will allow you to enjoy the sea in the way you like and spend time in the sun as you like. In addition, the product is highly resistant to intensive sunlight, sand grains, especially on the beach, seasonal effects and many external factors. If you want to have this handy product, we strongly recommend that you take a look at our site.


The wooden deck chair models, which are indispensable for the beaches, have become a common choice for everyone because it combines comfort with simple elegance. Our softwoods and durability of the beech wood are produced based on the ease of use.
Since the wooden deck chairs can be adjusted according to the reaching position, they can meet the comfort needs of everyone. Those who want to sunbathe or take a nap at the seaside can use the wooden deck chairs at a flat angle of 180 degrees, and those who want to sit back and enjoy the pleasure of stretching their feet against the sea can benefit from the comfort of our stylish sunbeds. The reclining angle can be converted into a flat surface that can be comfortably tilted in a simple motion when the wooden deck chair is practically adjustable.
We use water-based paint as a protective outer coating in our wooden deckchair models made of beeched beech wood so as not to be affected by sea and pool water and to prevent cracks and roughness on the outer surface. In this way, sand grains that are carried by wind at sea and have abrasive effect on wooden surfaces do not damage the wooden surface of the sunbed. Our sunbathing models, which are resistant to intense sunlight and all seasonal conditions, are produced from baked beech and maintain their first appearance throughout the years. You will not be required to take extra service, deal and pay for the installation as your deck chair will be shipped with the board installed. Now, by placing an order, you can enjoy the comfort offered by the first quality wooden sun loungers of our company, which brings together the stylish designs with the most attractive prices.

■ Our wooden wheelchairs manufactured from baked beech wood in European countries are available in high quantities in stock before the season.
■ The 4-stage up and down trampoline backrest on the rear back side is designed to make it easy for you to enjoy it in a single motion.
■ Two wheels with wooden wheels on the back of the car, even women and even children can carry the sunbed to the desired spot.
■ This model is available on our wooden deckchairs with pvc surface.
■ There are a large number of wooden deck chairs available before the season.