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Rattan seating group

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Rattan oturma takımı
Our rattan seating group catalog, which includes furniture with visual details and useful design, has dozens of models for garden, poolside, terrace and balconies. This furniture, which allows you to spend time with the outdoor space as a sitting group, attracts attention with its quality of production and it is appreciated with its vibrant colors.
Rattan furniture sets exposed to intense sunlight in summer are high quality products which cause color fading and loss of resistance. Rattan seating groups, which are among the best quality options which can be preferred as garden furniture, combine the ease of use with comfort. Our rattan garden team models which have the durability to be used at sea and pool sides are not affected by the chemicals in pool water. For rattan furniture used by the sea, elements such as contact with salt water, exposure to direct sunlight, and abrasion from sand particles carried by the wind are no problem. The products in our rattan furniture catalog offer a high durability material without any problem during the winter season.
Our outdoor rattan furniture models, which are preferred in outdoor, beach and pool side, garden and terraces with their comfortable usage, are presented to you with tens of models with different texture and color options. Your orders are delivered to your address in a few days and we do not have any deformation during the transportation.


Our rattan furniture, which is very acclaimed with its natural reflecting design, comes to your feet with the sitting group model. This group, which is a great opportunity to create a special space on your terrace, in your garden, at your poolside, will add a beautiful look to every place where it is located, with its original rattan rope material that reflects the nature and completely hand-made production. Our pool is not affected by the elements such as sea water and adverse climate conditions. It is highly resistant to salt in sea water, sun rays causing excessive heat and dust particles blown in the wind. The rattan seating group which is quite convenient with its care is offered to you with all these features.
You can have our products in different colors and textures in this section of our site in the shortest time with the most reasonable prices, you can make your pool and sea sides, your garden and terrace look very authentic.

■ In this category, you can have a close look at the most powerful high quality imported and domestic brands' rattan seating sets in their category.
■ From this area of our page, you can benefit from the free shipping service of products with free shipping mark.
■ Our rattan products are produced by hand-work with original rattan rope, and rattan products are easily washable.
■ Our rattan seating set models are guaranteed for 2 years and are not guaranteed against bird droppings.
■ Most of the products in this area are available in stock in our packages, our stock products are delivered to the order owner within 2 days.