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Wooden Garden Swing

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Wooden Swing

Quality this time is integrated with entertainment. In order to make the time you spend in the open spaces more enjoyable, we offer our customers the wooden swing models, Akbrella difference in your garden, your guest is on your terrace. This model, which will add pleasure to your every minute with its fun and elegant appearance as well as its comfort, reveals its durability and quality in terms of producing from baked beech.
In this part of our site, you can examine our wooden swing and hammock models which add value to your time outdoors. Thanks to its water-based paint and varnish, you can easily have this product which is very resistant against all kinds of external factors. This product, which is 100% natural material, will adapt to all kinds of decor and space with its natural appearance and elegance except for its quality and comfort, and you can make your terraces and gardens more fun and add a different touch to these places with an elegant touch. All you have to do is to have a look at the products we classify for you and to have the most suitable product for you. Your terrace and gardens deserve to end this fun touch. Do yourself a favor and touch the fun Kend
Wooden swing models, which are the most demanded garden furniture in recent years, are produced in a way to withstand the climatic conditions of the four seasons in the open air without any notice of summer. Thanks to the baked beech wood, the wooden swings are extremely durable and provide a stylish visuality for outdoor use while ensuring the most comfortable use of this elegance.
Wood swing models, which commercial enterprises frequently use to make space as comfortable as they are stylish, have been used in living areas with increasing popularity every year. Combining comfort with acclaimed views on the terrace, hobby garden and balconies, these swings promise to spend pleasant hours with the users of all ages. Gondola hammocks, another popular outdoor furniture that attracts as much interest as the wooden swing models, make it a pleasure to spend time outdoors. Gondola hammock models are special design products with water-based paint and varnish coated beech surfaces which are not affected by the difficult climate conditions.
Thanks to our wooden swing and hammock models that add value to your time in the open air, you are free from having to compromise your comfort to spend time outdoors. Swing and hammock models, which offer comfort to the user from all ages and comfort requirements, are 100% natural materials, so they can be matched with all the decoration styles and can easily catch the fashion of every age.

Garden Swing

■ The models to be released in European countries in baked beech wood are available in three sizes: triple, double and single.
■ The fabrics we use in our wooden swing models with two and three seater are imported acrylic fabrics with water repellent properties.
■ The auxiliary material we use in our single-person wooden swing model is 100% cotton yarn hand-knitted handmade hand knitted material.
■ Wooden garden swing models are not available in our stocks during the season and the fabrics are produced in the desired color upon request and delivered in about 3 weeks.
■ Our wooden swing models in de-mounted packages are installed by the buyers and we provide free shipping and installation services in Istanbul during the campaign period.