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Road barriers

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Sınır elemanları

Safety pylons used to create safe areas for pedestrians in open areas and to guide vehicle traffic as required, to determine parking spaces are immediately manufactured and delivered within a few days. The easy-to-mount boundary elements have a high resistance to corrosion and an electrostatic powder coating that is not affected by climatic conditions.
Thanks to our quality-oriented production understanding, which makes rusting a problem, our safety pillar products are pure aluminum casting. Due to our aluminum casting production, our electrostatic powder paints have the outer surfaces which have high resistance to corrosion and due to the high heat exposed during the firing process, they gain resistance against seasonal effects. From the summer heat to the harsh climatic conditions of winter, humidity and rainfall do not lead to a decrease in the durability of the safety posts and corrosion on the outer surface.
The safety struts, which have been used for many years without losing anything of their durability, are fixed to the concrete floors with the help of four steel dowels and thus can be installed immediately without the use of a suitable drill. You can order our security strap models in two colors, black and white, in different colors, but there may be differences in the price of these color changes. Non-stocked safety pillars are manufactured according to your orders, but the security pillars produced with your order are delivered in less than a week.



The first phase of everything is the most important element of safety ... In the open areas you can be used to regulate traffic and to determine the parking spaces, especially for pedestrians. Our border elements designed in remarkable, pleasant styles are produced by using aluminum cast iron technique using 100% aluminum. In addition to all these structural features, the paints used in the construction have a high quality and durable border elements which are resistant to abrasion by painting with electrostatic powder paint.
In this section of our site you will have the opportunity to review our products, drill the concrete with the help of drills, steel dowels to be used with the hard concrete is fixed to the ground.
Color options are offered to our customers in order to provide a pleasant and attractive appearance in addition to safety and quality in different environments. These products are produced with electrostatic powder paint for a long time, pleasant appearance against corrosion, standing in four seasons with a long life promise.
To ensure your safety, the indispensable element of your layout, will be the basic elements of our site easily reach this part of our site, all these areas of use, as well as your garden and you can provide the use of your terrace as a decor. Quite convenient and attractive prices are waiting for you.
■ We produce our safety pillars designed in different styles in aluminum cast aluminum casting technique and produce electrostatic powder paint.
■ Products in this area are fixed to the ground with steel dowels by drilling concrete with hard concrete to the ground.
■ For different environments, we provide different colors for the fathers with special color powder coating.
■ Products in this area are not subject to corrosion (stainless) 100% aluminum electrostatic paint is suitable for all season passes.