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Wooden garden table

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Wooden garden table

Our wooden table models, which will be the indispensable of our business owners who want to make their place as a favorite of their customers, are also not missed for those who want to create a different decor in their homes.
Our quality models produced from different materials such as baked beech, ireko, teak, compressed wood plate come to your feet with options suitable for every budget and usefulness expectancy. If you order 10 or more pieces, our product, which is offered to your taste with 20 different color options, is a great advantage especially for commercial profit planning businesses.
In this section of our site, you can use in all areas of your restaurant, wood, metal and glass combinations of our cafe tables, all kinds of food in the dining area to fit our restaurant tables, the top of the glass or metal as a choice to choose the appropriate model and color from our table with metal legs, You can examine many models from our closure tables which are quite practical and usable, from our closing tables that are quite practical and useful, to our adjustable tables that can be adjusted in different sizes, to your home, your business, your office or even your office. you can have the appropriate product as soon as possible and at the best price.
Quality is one step closer with Akbrella. Our wooden garden table model, which you can use with peace of mind in your house, garden, terrace, offices and offices and in your businesses that you expect to address to your customers, will be the indispensable part of your tea hours, places and guests. metal combinations and durable structure is long lasting and very useful. In addition to its structure, this product which is made of water-based paint and polish which is very durable in its production and which is resistant to all season and external factors in summer and winter, will meet your needs with all these advantages.
In this part of our site you can examine our wooden garden table model where elegance meets comfort, comfort meets quality and you can have this product at very reasonable prices. Quality stands just in front of you Kalite
Our wood table models, which can be used in all commercial enterprises without any decoration style from restaurants to cafes in every area of ​​your home, determine the decoration trends this year thanks to the wood which is the trend of every period.


Thanks to the baked beech wood, our wood table models, which have become as durable as it is durable, have been applied water-based paint and varnish to protect against external influences. Since the wooden surface is strengthened with lacquer and water-based paint, it can be easily used in outdoor areas without being affected by the harsh weather conditions. In case of stock in our stock orders over the course of your hands within a few days while you want to be made from the wooden table will take a few weeks of delivery. We do not need to think about how long the delivery companies will make the delivery and how long you will wait for the delivery by fast delivery. You just choose the wooden table model that combines the elegance of your dreams with comfort, leave us all the other jobs hay
Our folding wooden table models offer ease of use and storage, saving you a lot of space. Thanks to the natural texture of the wood, it can be used everywhere, in harmony with all decoration styles. Wooden tables that respond to the needs of more than one decoration and usage are manufactured from baked beech wood and have a durability that can be used without any problems for many years.


- Folding and fixed-footed wooden table model 100% beech wood in European countries are making.
- Wooden folding table types designed and produced in accordance with the exterior spaces are produced in square, rectangular and round forms and produced in different sizes to suit the needs.
- We provide wooden garden table models that are offered for sale for 2 years.