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Metal Table Leg

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Metal Table Legs

Our table legs produced from aluminum cast and wrought iron metal profiles are very nice and decorative appearance as well as with the iron content profile is very high quality with its electrostatic powder paint structure and resistant to abrasion. In addition to these properties, our products are kept in galvanized water before painting to prevent rusting.
As a decor, we have Ottoman-style wrought-iron single-legged, three-legged and 4-footed options as well as modern-looking scepter feet models.
Our table legs models produced with aluminum casting technique have different colors as well as different designs.
Decoration will conquer the heart, with the durability of any area that will allow you to use our products in this section of our site, you can see the product you need and decorate the coalition province as soon as possible and you can have the most affordable prices.

All of our table legs produced from aluminum cast and wrought iron profiles are painted with electrostatic powder paint, iron profile profile table legs are kept in galvanized water before painting in order to prevent rusting.
Ottoman figured wrought iron style single legs, 3 legs and 4 feet with different options of table six feet next to our profile and new trend wire-produced table legs are available.
Areas of use are produced in a quality suitable for use with a wide variety of products such as wooden tables, marble table tops, werzalit table tops.
We are able to paint our table legs produced with aluminum casting technique in different color options, and if you choose from our RAL color cartels up to 40 pieces in 6 or more orders, your orders are painted and shipped in any color in a period of 7-9 days.
500 TL or more over the online shopping 4 months without paying interest can make your order can make your order transfer and Eft delivery system will apply a 3% discount.