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Wooden stools

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Wooden Stool

Are you one of the ones who like to enjoy the good weather with small getaways? When you want to enjoy the sun and the greenery of the picnic basket is prepared to set out on the road? And are you accustomed to staying against crowded groups of guests? So, 100% natural wood garden stool which is suitable for interior and exterior places is for you Öy
The wooden garden stool models, which complement the elegance of the beech with the naturalness of the wood and bring together the temperature of the smooth tissue, have a wide range of use from the garden and terraces to the living areas. This product, which you can use easily in any area, will give a different air to these areas with its original designs. In addition to these features, this model, which is suitable for your taste with bearable and fixed legs options, is very useful. Reflecting the durability of beech, our model is very durable and high quality with its water based paint and polish used in its production. This product, which will be used in cafes, gardens and terraces, as well as commercial profit-generating enterprises, is waiting for our customers with its naturalness and quality as well as reasonable prices.
With the 100% organic production material that emphasizes the naturalness, which is the trend of every cycle, wooden stools are used wherever they are desired without noticing the interior exterior. The wooden stool models, which add elegance and practicality to the space, are ideal for homes and workplaces that are not particularly used. Wooden stool models which combine the elegance of beech wood with the warmness of wood caught with the naturalness of wood have a wide usage area from the garden and terraces to the living areas.
Wooden stool in our catalog, and the original design of the stool that adds elegance to the wooden stool models, produced using baked beech. Water-based paints and varnishes are further enhanced and their durability is further enhanced by long-term use. The colors of these furniture which are not affected by the harsh climatic conditions in the winter due to the strengthening of the wooden exterior surfaces do not fade in the dense sunlight and the surfaces do not create any roughness due to the abrasive particles carried by the wind.
Wooden stool models that are used in cafes, gardens and terraces and in kitchens everywhere, including commercial spaces, add functionality to indoor and outdoor spaces and do this in the most stylish way. Stool that emphasizes the naturalness and simple design with other decorative objects and furniture in the place to fit easily with our stool models to meet every need with comfort and durability.

■ The wooden folding stool made of baked beech wood imported from Europe is produced in different sizes and different models in the style of bar stools for cafe gardens and bars.
■ We have wooden stools and wooden bar stool models in our pre-season stocks with our 2 year usage guarantee.
■ Folding, fixed-footed sponge and leather-clawed wooden folding stool models are designed and manufactured separately for the interior and interior spaces.
■ Our wooden stools with folding features have wooden and fabric models with wooden seats, which are quite pleasant in terms of space saving when they are removed for use in non-open areas.
■ You will find discounts on your wooden stool models at Tolu orders.