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Rattan Garden Swing

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Rattan Salıncak
All of our imported rattan swing models, which are produced by using rattan injection printing technique and original rattan rope, are hand-woven hand-crafted products that are hand-woven. In our rattan swing catalog; You can choose between triple, double, single pear swing models and you can have the product you want with 4 months installment on credit card immediately.
The rattan swings, which are made of micro polyester, are not affected by the difficult weather conditions and offer great convenience in cleaning and transportation. as opposed to cotton fabrics, it does not contain stains and it can be cleaned even with a hose. Although it is directly exposed to sunlight, the colorless fading rattan swings are kept unaffected by the weather conditions.
The rattan swings are extremely easy to carry, yet very easy to carry, and can be easily installed in just a few minutes by following simple installation instructions. We order these rattan swing models which are in their own special order in the order of the products in our stocks, so that we can deliver your order in minimum time. During the campaign period, we also offer services to our customers who are buying in Istanbul on-site installation and transportation.


Just close your eyes for a minute and imagine… A combination of fun and comfort, yes you didn't hear it wrong. With the privilege of Akbrella, comfort is offered to our customers along with entertainment. Our institution is proud to add another one to its products in order to transform our customers' comfortable and comfortable minutes into more fun and pleasant times. Here is the integration of quality and comfort with entertainment: Rattan Swing ız
  Produced with 100% hand workmanship by using original rattan rope and manufactured with rattan injection printing technique, our imported model has become a reflection of quality as a product of first class production. In addition to the original rattan yarn as well as the fabric made of micro polyester, our model is a product that can be very durable against adverse and difficult weather conditions as well as its maintenance and cleanliness. it will become an advantageous model. Our product which is resistant to all these unfavorable conditions that are not affected by sun rays and cold weather, can be easily cleaned with only hose.
With its lightweight structure and easy installation, this product, which you can use from your garden to your terrace from your pool and sea sides to your businesses, is offered to our customers with single, double and triple options. In addition to all these features, our entertaining product is a chance to reach your needs in every respect and it is a very advantageous opportunity with its price, which you can reach shortly after your order.

■ Our imported rattan products are made with the original rattan rope, single, double, triple rattan swing models in this area can take advantage of the discounted price of 4 months maturity.
■ The micro-polyester fabric used in rattan swings is not easy to be stained like an easy-to-wash cotton fabric, it is also washable with water in rattan swings.
■ We provide free shipping and installation services in Istanbul.
■ Rattan swing models are easy to install and can be easily installed with a very easy installation manual.
■ Our products in this area are available in ready-made packages and delivered to the cargo company or warehouse company on the same day.