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When you think about creating a space to spend a nice time watching the stars in the beautiful summer evenings by the hot sunshine, the intensity of the rain, and the freezing cold of the winter, we can say that the most beautiful solution is the pergola awning systems.
Our pergola systems, which we produce without LED floodlight and lighting units, are manufactured by using electric motor, which are remote controlled, you can turn on and off in a very short time by pressing a button in your hand.
In some model pergola systems, you can increase or decrease the light intensity of the LED lighting units with the remote control and you can select the lighting color in different color options with your remote control.
You can choose one of our many quality fabric models in different weights for your open and close area. You can have a pergola system in 7-10 days according to your budget.
Rain water drainage is available in all of our models, so you can use your product as a safe water leakage in rainy days.
All of the inox fittings we use in the products are stainless and are designed and produced to withstand the winds blowing at 90 kmh per hour. The motor used in the product is turned on and off in a very short time by making 11 revolutions per minute.



All the European countries and Turkey are producing rail-motorized pergola systems to all provinces.
If you share the technical dimensions of your usage area with our sales team, the most appropriate pricing work will be made for you.
Our technical team will visit you in need of pergola on the European side of Istanbul and we will inform you about your pergola order and projects suitable for your purpose.



If you take pictures of the area you want to use the Pergola and share with us in a few aspects of our technical team will prepare your work in 3D programs will share with you with their prices.