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Casting table, chair set

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Aluminum casting tables that can be used in a wide range of areas ranging from hobby gardens to commercial establishments, which add prestige to the outdoor decoration and are functional, can be produced in any desired geometric form. The square, ellipse, round and rectangular products in our metal wrought iron table models catalog offer the opportunity to be used in all months of the year without being affected by weather conditions. Casting table models that don't require you to think about corrosion, do not lose anything from their durability and visuality regardless of the outdoor conditions.
We use outdoor casting and electrostatic powder paint on our outer surfaces for outdoor use and we have four seasons with the most demanding climate conditions. The high-strength table models are exposed to direct sunlight in the summer thanks to aluminum casting, although they are left out in the winter at low temperatures and hard winds, but do not lose their durability.
In addition to the gardens, we offer a wide range of colors in our cast tables, which are also used to add a stylish touch to the balcony and terrace decorations. Even if you order from the cast table chair models that are not available in our stocks, your order can be produced and delivered in as little as 5 days. Our cast table models, which are among the indispensables of outdoor decoration, reveal the difference of elegance with our terrace tables, balconies and cafe tables.

   Are you ready to turn your gardens, terraces or businesses into a colorful flower garden? Akbrella with this situation is now very easy bahçe with the appearance of the look of the space that creates a decor that will look, the durable structure with a long lasting durability, comfort and comfort considering the comfort of your metal cast table chair sets with the difference Akbrella alan outdoor garden, terrace and businesses as well as Our metal cast table chair models, which you can use in any place you wish, will add vitality and attention to the environment and fill your soul with vitality and joy.
 Our products in our catalog can be produced in any geometric form you want, such as square, ellipse, round and rectangular as well as all these aesthetic appearances, and can maintain its resistance to high temperatures in summer and low temperatures in winter. Our products, which cater to your taste and your needs with both shape and quality and raw materials, can be produced from double to six personality for your single sales as well as for your crowded invitations.
 In addition to all these advantages, our models which are under the effect of an aesthetic air with their finest details will not neglect to appeal to your taste with their hidden patterns ... Our metal cast table and chair sets which have proven themselves with their elegance in addition to being such a durable and quality product, have the most reasonable prices. This section is waiting for you. If you like to spend time in any area you can turn into a flower garden.



We recommend you to take a closer look at our aluminum cast table chair models in outdoor garden sets wrought iron style which do not care to enjoy the summer season.
You can find your order online by choosing the color code of your choice from our wrought iron table chair models, which you can find on our website.
Our customers who desire our table models can also add a tempered custom cut glass and a washable mattress with foam padding on the chairs.


The preferred color static painted metal table chair products in outdoor furniture are in high demand due to the fact that there is no fading in the color even if exposed to sunlight in summer environment.
If you order our metal table chair products that you will consider to use in your garden, we deliver the production in 7-10 days.



You can use our garden table chair models which you can use in your garden with 100% aluminum content casting technique.
Our table chair models, which we produce in different figures inspired by nature, are produced by aluminum casting injection technique and we are making sandblasting process to remove the burrs.



You should also consider weather conditions in outdoor furniture and consider the hot sun, rain and dust. Considering these facts, the products we produce from aluminum casting will leave other wood products in the classroom. In your garden environment, you can review our product options in dozens of models for your outdoor table chair in your eating area and you can order with special color preference.