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Wooden coffee tables

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Our wood coffee table section will add comfort to your living space, 100% organic material, thanks to the wood always with a trendy appearance to add value to commercial businesses can find the models of the coffee table.
Our wooden tables, which add a comfortable visuality to the natural energy of the gardens, offer a choice of models suitable for all needs with the choice of models suitable for the design trends of the modern age. Wooden coffee table varieties made of baked beech are strengthened against the climatic conditions encountered during the four seasons of the year thanks to the use of water-based paints and varnishes. The garden table, which is not affected by the heavy rays of the sun and the abrasive dust particles carried by the wind, maintains its first appearance in the harsh climatic conditions of winter.
If you order from the products in stock, you can buy the wooden stand which you will buy in four days or you can receive your wooden materials produced in a few weeks even if it is manufactured from zero. We do not need to deal with complex installation instructions and the installation of the furniture personally since we are packing. Since we trust our product quality to the end, we also offer 2 year warranty on our garden table and wooden stand models.
Trestle with wood material which is 100% organic material which keeps up with every age, can be used in any place from summer houses to commercial spaces in open space designs and brings elegance to comfort in every place where it is used.

■ Folding or plain foot classic wooden trestle models are generally made of baked beech.
■ Our most preferred 40x40cm wooden table is used on the wooden side table which is used on the edges of the sunbed.
■ Wooden coffee tables that we don't produce in Bulgaria are usually present in our stocks during the season and after season.
■ The size of our wooden table with folding feature is 30x30cm in size and 50x50cm in size and one of them can be preferred according to place of use.
■ The smallest table with fixed legs is 40x40cm and the smallest table model is 35cm in diameter.