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Plastic bench

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■ The plastic bench models in this section are made of 1st class polypropylene plastic and the minimum sales quantity is 4 pieces.
■ The raw material used in the plastic benches is soft and flexible, with the exception of a high impact, the fracture is hardly seen, and the product increases the fracture rate when the product is exposed to heat below zero degrees.
■ As the number of products increased, a certain amount of discount was applied.
■ Plastic benches are usually available in stock and delivered to cargo or warehouse companies within 24 hours in case of order.

Its stylish appearance and the quality of the plastic benches that can be used in any kind of decoration concept outdoors easily brings together the functional use of visual elegance. Most of the products in our plastic bank catalog are made of 1st class plastic material and there are also 2nd class Eco-class plastic bench models in these products. If the minimum order is from our catalog of plastic bank models with different color options, it is four.
Plastic benches, which provide more comfortable use with soft material and which can be used without any problem for long years thanks to the durability of plastic production material, have many usage advantages compared to metal or wooden products. The highly durable plastic bench models have the harshest weather conditions in the open air without any protection, but when they are washed with water when the summer comes, they recover the appearance of the first day.
When you order from our non-fading plastic bank models in their colors when not exposed to direct sunlight, we complete the cargo operations within the same day if the product is in stock. The fact that the plastic benches delivered to you in the same day reach you within a few days depending on the cargo company. Our catalog products, which offer a minimum of 4 orders, are becoming cheaper as the order quantity increases. For more information about the discount rates that we apply in bulk purchases,