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Wooden table

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Ahşap masa Our wooden table models, which will be the indispensable of our business owners who want to make their place as a favorite of their customers, are also not missed for those who want to create a different decor in their homes.
 Our quality models produced from different materials such as baked beech, ireko, teak, compressed wood plate come to your feet with options suitable for every budget and usefulness expectancy. If you order 10 or more pieces, our product, which is offered to your taste with 20 different color options, is a great advantage especially for commercial profit planning businesses.
 In this section of our site, you can use in all areas of your restaurant, wood, metal and glass combinations of our cafe tables, all kinds of food in the dining area to fit our restaurant tables, the top of the glass or metal as a choice to choose the appropriate model and color from our table with metal legs, You can examine many models from our closure tables which are quite practical and usable, from our closing tables that are quite practical and useful, to our adjustable tables that can be adjusted in different sizes, to your home, your business, your office or even your office. you can have the appropriate product as soon as possible and at the best price.

There are many products made of different quality materials such as baked beech wood, ireko, teak, compressed wood plate in our wooden table catalog for the interiors of cafe, restaurant and eating areas that are designed for cafe and bar decoration. . Cafe and bar table models are available in every budget and quality options. In our catalog where many products such as single table top table types, wooden table sets, printed bar and cafe wooden table models are found, restaurant owners will find prestigious visuals to their places and find alternatives to their customers' satisfaction with their comfort. The wooden bar and cafe tables, which help the commercial spaces to have decorative elements that will ensure customer satisfaction, will change the atmosphere of the whole place and add value to the place with its stylish designs. We produce products according to your choice between cafe, bar, restaurant, restaurant table models in a short period of 2-3 weeks. From the most prestigious models produced from various types of baked wood to the more appropriate bar and cafe table models, our catalog has product alternatives to meet every budget and quality expectations. Contact our customer representatives for more information about your special orders and discounts on bulk purchases.



Close to 200 café table models produced in wooden, metal and glass combinations that you can use in the interior areas of your business are located on this page of our site and in the sequential pages of follow-up.
If you order 10 pieces and over 20 different color options in our wooden cafe table models you will choose from our site, we can color your cafe table with wooden polish in accordance with your request.
If you order in special color, according to our current density within 10-15 days of your products are produced and delivered to our valued customer



A variety of different forms and different sizes of wooden tables are available in the following pages.
You can choose from our table models which you choose from our site which is suitable for your business character structure and you can produce with color polish according to your demand in special color.


Glass Tables

You will find glass table models on our website in various models with wooden glass combination, metal glass combination and wood and metal glass combination.
Round, snow and rectangular forms can be applied to all kinds of glazed table varieties in accordance with your request to produce 10 or more of our order is possible.



With a combination of wood or glass and a special combination of interiors, our stylish metal footed table models are available in color and size to suit your project in the case of high quantity orders.
At the same time you can enjoy the table in the table part of the table of your favorite table in another table if you can combine the table can be combined with your request.



Our rustic legs with one leg, two legs and 4 legs are preferred in the interior of the places with high vip quality, rustic feet made of wooden log with a stylish appearance can be used in different table trays.
In the round, rectangular and square forms of the rustic pedestal tables, which attract attention with its quality, it is possible to produce in order with the order of more than 10 orders.



Folding table models are preferred in the outer areas of the enterprises because they are opened every day due to the space feature, and the tables used in the food drinking blood are opened and installed, and the preferred folding table models are not used in space.
Our folding tables can be produced in round, square and rectangular forms in accordance with the demand of 10 pieces or more.



Our adjustable wood table models, which can be adjusted to different sizes, are preferred to accommodate more variable person quantity, you can choose one of these drop table models to prevent more space loss than use in your narrow space.
More square and rectangular wooden table models can grow around 15-20-30 and 40 cm