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Wooden parasol

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We would like to arrive in all areas where we enjoy naturalness. Is not it? Moreover, quality and durability are added to this naturalness and all of our wishes are realized in a moment. Akbrella, who is aware of your requests, has reserved this part of site for you customers. The Beech Tree which was known as life tree and proved its quality want to be a guest with Akbrella to your businesses, terraces and pool sides. Here is a combination of naturalness and quality...
Our wooden garden umbrella models, which are produced from 100% beech wood, are a remarkable product with their nice decor beside with its quality. This model which will be your favorite with its durable structure against abrasion and discolor will meet all needs thorugh different size and color option. In addition to the beech tree we use in our structure, our wooden umbrella model proves its quality with its Spanish fabric which provide resistance to sunlight, decay and fade. Thanks to its waterproof and heatproof feature, you will feel comfortable during summer rains and creates a spacious and comfortable environment in the shade areas. The umbrella can be opened and closed by everyone without disturbing anyone who sit under the umbrella thanks to its simple mechanism. It is also resistance quitely to wind, sunlight and rain.
If you are looking for naturalness with quality, durability with nice decoration; this umbrella which it is produced from life tree is waiting for you with favaroable prices to meet your wishes.Wood umbrella models, which are generally preferred for pool and sea sides, are designed to meet the needs of everyone from detached houses to hotels as well. The prices of wooden umbrellas with polyester fabrics for affordable budgets are very economical.
Wooden sun umbrella models are produced from 100 percent beech tree.
■ 250 cm diameter and 300 cm diameter wooden umbrellas which are generally prefered for pool are generally stocked.
■ The fabric which is used for wooden umbrella is Spain origin Docril brand and it has been guaranteed for 10 years by the manufacturer against to discolor and corrosion.
■ Acrylic fabrics are water and heat proof and has Anti UV 50upf feature.