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Wooden garden benches

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■ Our wooden bench models produced from baked beech wood used in our garden furniture models are double, triple and single in 3 sizes.
■ Our high quality wooden bench models, which we produce as outsourced abroad, are usually available in a limited number of stocks.
■ It is recommended to protect wood garden products from rain, snow, hard cold weather and scorching weather.
■ Wood bench orders not available in our stocks are produced in about 3 weeks and delivered to the order owner.
■ For our gardens and parks, our wooden bench models are different.

The wooden bench, which is always indispensable for outdoor decoration, is still used in a very intensive way, no matter how much the decorative understanding changes. In addition to the practicality of offering a functional solution for open spaces such as gardens and terraces, wooden bench models that offer a harmony with nature thanks to wood materials are also frequently preferred in indoor places.
With the use of wood, which is a 100% natural material, wooden bench models transformed into ideal furniture alternatives for garden and terrace designs are preferred in café and restaurant decorations with this feature. Wooden bank models that add elegance to their living spaces and which have space problem can be considered as a seating area are baked beech. With its durable structure and long-term use, these stylish furniture uses baked beech, so our bank models are not affected by weather conditions. In order to further increase the durability, the wood material was coated with water-based paint and a varnish, which prevented the products from being affected by adverse weather conditions such as sun and humidity.