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          The beaches are the place which we enjoy the day peacefully on the coast of the sea. These places where we spent the most pleasant times have attracted the attention of many business owners and the shores of the sea have been filled with a thousand kinds of enterprises. In this part of our site, which is reserved for the business owners and your customers who want to receive these beach umbrellas with advantaged prices will have an opportunity to analyze these products which is long lived thanks to its quality. Our products, which are domestic production and have polyester fabric, are highly resistant to the rays of the summer day and the strong winds. In addition to all of these features, our beach umbrella model with 45 degree bending mechanism provides a strong protection against the rays of the sun at different times of the day by leaning towards the sunlight direction in a very short time thanks to this system. Our beach umbrella model, which you can prefer to use in your business which is near to the beach as well as in the houses and detached houses pools, has the options of dark blue / white - yellow / white - red / white - green / white color in addition to the flat cream color. Meanwhile, you have an option for logo application on your umbrella as your wish. Thanks to qualified fabric and bending system, our umbrella model can be used for long years. You can buy also 32 and 20 liter plastic barrel for your umbrella. For detailed information, you can contact with our customer representatives. (Mrs. İlknur Alev / 0532 221 50 66 / ilknur@akbrella.com.tr)


■ All of the beach umbrellas in this area are locally produced and the fabric used is polyester fabric with a weight of 170 gr / m2.
■ Many of the beach umbrellas provide protection from evening and morning sun by tilting the umbrella in the direction of the sun thanks to the 45 degree breaking mechanism from the top.
■ On this page you can view our umbrellas bins for 32 LT and 20 LT bins as a carrier base according to our beach umbrellas.
■ Our 200x10 wire umbrella model is flat cream colored, navy blue / white - yellow / white - red / white - green / white striped beach umbrellas are usually stocked in our stock.
■ You can contact us via phone number 0212 546 46 58 for special beach umbrella orders.


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