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Wrought iron cast chair

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We produce metal cast chairs in the color you

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Are you one of the customers who want to design your business, your offices where you spend a long time of your day, you can spend peaceful times, the most suitable place to relax, your terraces and your most precious house with fine details and elegant touches? So our wrought iron metal cast chair models are just for you Öy
In this section of our site, peacock tail, floral motifs, Byzantine and Ottoman touches, simple and modern views of our model to find the most suitable product for you to grill will catch the Shams. Our products, which are very durable with metal raw materials besides their pleasant and noteworthy appearance, show the feature of being the most suitable product for you as well as being very comfortable and comfortable with all their weight, hardness and wear resistant structure.
While our products are classified as wrought iron, metal, cast iron, aluminum, outdoor, balcony and garden chair as the place and feature they are used, they are seen as very useful models in terms of quality as a very close feature. Our models, painted with Stalic paint and dried in high temperature furnaces, offer you colorful and matte paint options. In addition to all the advantages, you can easily create our own models that offer a choice of colors to suit your taste, and you can create very nice decors in your spaces.
In this part of our website, our wrought iron chair models, which are produced from stainless, aluminum, suitable for your aesthetic natural environment, are produced by casting injection technique.
Our wrought iron chair model, which is inspired by flowers and animal figures, has more than 40 models, we will use the wrought iron chair models you choose in accordance with the structure and texture of your area.
These products have 100% aluminum content.


Metal chairs and iron chair models, which are preferred for outdoor environments in recent days, have not only been able to create an elegant environment for the user, but also because of the change of the weather conditions, the metal chairs in front of the rain, the wind and the burning sun have avoided the wooden chair.
Our chairs will be used as a garden chair with electrostatic powder paint because of the color fading for years will not be satisfied with the user.


Recently, aluminum cast chair models, which are preferred in café interiors and outdoors, are changing the ambiance of cafe environments due to rich color preference and a wide variety of models. Our kind of cast chair, which carries flowers, fruits and animal figures, is produced in antique, copper and gold color.
Our cast aluminum chairs that can be used in 4 seasons are the models that are affected by the hot sun rays, the winds carried by the winds, the rain water and even the snow in cold winter time


Our chair models, which are produced from aluminum plates with an elegant and quite lightweight aluminum profile, are among my wide range of chair models which prefer color without the use of care.
Our aluminum chair models with glossy and matt paint options will be painted with electrostatic powder paint and will continue to decorate your brand new spaces for many years.
You can find stylish new models in one of the chairs with fabric and mesh fabric suitable for use indoors.



The maintenance of the products you will use in the outdoor environment, the degree of wear out of the weather conditions is important. The iron chair you will use in your garden due to sun heat, cracking, drying and spills
paint and varnish will fade. The wooden garden furniture remaining in the rain at the same rate will lose its strength and appearance due to rain water.
The most accurate products will be understood to be aluminum products. Aluminum metal outdoor chair will be affected from the sun, rain and dust and it is preferred because of the lack of maintenance problems.



Efficient use of your space in your balcony environment is important, especially the balcony model you will use on narrow balconies should be easy to carry dust and sun resistant.
We recommend you to examine our models which are very light, elegant, very space-saving aluminum metal balcony chair in this new season on this page and in the following pages



You can choose our aluminum cast table and chair products in your garden environment where you will enjoy the summer.
We use special cut tempered shatterproof glass on our products which we produce table and chair in our garden with 100% aluminum content garden furniture varieties.
Optionally, you can choose the color of our garden chairs you can choose from the color of the mat to be used on our site you can choose to purchase online.