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Outdoor ashtray

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In this part of our site, your office, your business can be found in short, you can easily use in the outdoors of our environment, you can examine our metal foot ashtray models. Our models, which are made of stainless chrome plated, made of yellow brass with a number of up to 15 varieties, are electrostatic painted on metal and applied in aluminum casting technique, have 3 different size to meet your needs in the most convenient way.
Our products, which you can examine by taking a look at our catalog of metal pedestal ashtray, are classified under the headers of desktop ashtray with 50% discount for the purpose of outdoor ashtray and ashtray models outside of our other products.
You can browse our products which are very durable and high quality in terms of materials and techniques used, and you can have a model you want in shortest time with the best prices and special offers.
Stainless steel chrome plated, made of yellow brass, electrostatic painted on metal and aluminum cast technique. Up to 15 types of outdoor ashtray models with VİP legs are available for sale at this page.
Our ashtray models are available in 3 different sizes to meet your needs. All ashtray models in this area have stainless guarantee and 2 year usage guarantee.

Standing Ashes

Outdoors, outdoors VİP pedestal ashtrays are available in 3 different materials to suit your request and in 3 different sizes are available in different models.
These legs ashtray products that we guarantee against corrosion are available in a variety of options, including chrome plated, brass, electrostatic painted and cast iron.
The foot ashtray models you want to order are produced in 3-5 days, after the quality control, they are carefully packed and shipped.


Chrome-plated metal desktop ashtray models are also offered for sale with a discount of 50%. 2 years of use guaranteed stainless steel metal desktop ashtray in order to order products are made in 1-2 days..