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Garden park bench

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Oturma bankı

The first place we take ourselves after long walks is the benches, and sometimes the biggest elements we need to take our garden into a park. As Akbrella, we offer you our bank models, which you can escape for their gardens, terraces, and also for peaceful times and sometimes for long walks. Akbrella, which produces products in your special projects in the pilgrimage of all these places and preferences, also applies discounts for you in these special cases.
In this section of our site you will have the opportunity to examine our bank models in high-temperature furnaces are highly resistant to abrasion and seasonal changes. The electrostatic powder paint painted on the outside of the surface of my bench models with the quality of each element proves. Thanks to its electrostatic to paint, our product which is not affected by weather factors such as snow, rain and sun rays has the feature of being one of the most useful products that you may encounter with its comfort and convenience. Our bank models, which we have equipped with many elements to make life easier for our customers, are 100% aluminum and are produced with aluminum casting technique and can be used for a long time without any maintenance with metal structure.
The most suitable prices you will encounter in this section of our site bench models will reach you in a short time after your order to reach the places you want to use a pleasant and aesthetic appearance will provide your comfort in the full meaning.

You can find many different designs that are challenging in years with our durability and durability in our catalogs, which are useful and stylish designs. Our metal cast bench models are produced as wrought iron, classic or complete metal bench. We can design special production benches for your projects and we can offer you special design and discount options for multiple purchases.
The varieties of banks in our catalog are kept in ovens exposed to high temperatures and thus gain high resistance which is not affected by the weather changes in seasonal passages. We use electrostatic powder paint to protect the outer surface from the dust particles, which are carried by hard winds and corrosion, rainfall like snow and hail, sudden temperature changes and sunlight. The electrostatic powder coating that we use has already strengthened our high-strength cast-iron models to make them more resistant and maintain the appearance of the outer surfaces of the four seasons.
We have over 200 different color options in our catalog of bank models used in every season of the year, from apartment and home gardens to recreation areas within the site, from outdoor designs of commercial enterprises to organization areas. You can be sure to receive your order within 5 business days if you order from our bank varieties with wide model and color options.


■ We produce bench models with metal casted legs in parks and gardens in accordance with your identity.
■ Garden Park bench paints our products with electrostatic paint. They are subjected to heat treatment in high-temperature furnaces.
■ We produce metal cast benches for your garden in a stylish 100% aluminum aluminum casting technique without maintenance.
■ Choose the most suitable color bench for your garden. You can choose from up to 200 colors.
■ In case of order, the products are produced and delivered in approximately 5 working days