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Wooden puff

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■ In order to capture different environments with small investments, this is one of our models which should not examine this country-style wooden pouf which is full of printed on this surface.
■ You can consider the puffs in this area to be assembled with the same visually printed ones or with different printing options.
■ Wood printed puff models are printed on compressed MDF wood boards with phototechnical transfer presses in heat treatment presses.
■ In this section, our wooden puff models are made of artificial leather and artificial leather with one piece of cut foam under the seat.
■ Puff models that are depleted in our stock are produced in about 5-7 working days after the order is delivered to the order owne



Printed wooden pouffes, which are the choice of those who want to lay a stylish visuality to the space by keeping the decoration costs to a minimum, meets the expectations of comfort even though they occupy little space. As all the surfaces of our printed puffs are printed, they offer visual advantage as accessories that add color to the environment, doubling this advantage by using it as a furniture when needed.
Printed puff models designed for cafes and bars provide pressure to the environment by adding color and high energy to the environment even in the places where a simple decoration concept is applied because of the pressure on all four surfaces. The products in our catalog of wooden puff models are made of MDF wood compacted sheets and the desired images have been transferred by heat treatment presses on the plate. These techniques can be produced so that the wooden puffs have the desired visual elements.
You can transfer the desired image to your wooden puff models on your custom design product orders, we can produce artificial leather and fabric pieces on the pouffe in any color and texture. Because of the small space, wooden pouffes which are perfect for cafes and bars that need to be evaluated wisely will increase the energy of the environment with its stylish visuals. Your orders will be delivered within 5-7 working days and delivered to your address.