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Sconce models


Dekoratif dış mekan aplik

We produce hundreds of model lighting fixtures

Dış mekan aplik
Our nostalgic decorative lighting sconces catalog offers a wide range of nostalgic models for outdoor lighting applications. We have different design alternatives in silver and black colors as well as lighting options such as antique ceiling sconces and copper tinted wall sconces. Since we do production without sacrificing quality, nostalgic lighting applique models are available in our Online Sales catalog.
The ceilings and wall sconces that we manufacture using the production techniques such as pig and aluminum casting create a prestigious elegance and nostalgic atmosphere as the best quality examples of domestic production. In our wide range of model lamps, we have hundreds of models from copper hat models to Ottoman lighting fixtures, watermelon wall lights and ceiling pendulum lamps.
Since we rely on the durability of our products as well as on the signature of stylish designs, we are painting the products in our catalog of nostalgic outdoor sconces using electrostatic powder paint. During the production stage, appliqué models enter the ovens where they are exposed to high temperatures and this process is performed with relative heat and the resistance of all models to climate conditions increases. After years of use, and the other models of our appliqués and other lighting products to protect the appearance of the first day, this sensitivity is shown in production. To make a bulk purchase for your projects, simply request a quote, design the product for you and contact all of your orders


Do you like our customers, who have both business owners and detached houses, who like to illuminate their outdoor spaces and make a nice and nostalgic décor? Then our appliqué models with their durability and remarkable appearance are just for you Öy
Our antique and copper style appliqué models will add a beautiful décor and a different atmosphere to each place where it is located, as well as lighting options, silver and black color will be the most suitable product for your space with different designs. The ceiling and wall sconces that we manufacture using production techniques such as cast iron and aluminum casting will create a nostalgic and nostalgic atmosphere which is remarkable in your outdoor spaces as the best quality samples of domestic production.
We offer a wide range of models in our wide range of wall lamp lamps that will offer you quite a rich range of models. Our aplique models, which will ensure that the outdoor spaces have a remarkable decor, will respond to all your needs with their appearance and quality and durability. Our products painted by electrostatic powder paint enter the ovens in which they are exposed to high temperature during the production stage.
In addition to all these advantages, our economical appliqué models want to be a guest in every area you want to create a pleasant décor in your garden, terrace and businesses. All you have to do is to have a look at our models and to be able to make a product for you.


■ Our customers who like nostalgic natural environments have a classic old-style antique style over-the-top black pech painted, gray cast iron tumbled, black tinted silver colors and monochrome products.
■ In this area you will find ceiling wall sconces, side wall sconces and short wall fixtures with very rich options.
■ 100% genuine copper hat products, Ottoman motif garden lighting fixtures, ceiling pendulum lamps, watermelon wall lights, etc. quite abundant varieties.
■ The electrostatic powder paint we use in the products is heat-treated in high-temperature furnaces to ensure that the products are not affected by seasonal transitions.
■ We produce the fame in this area with cast iron and aluminum casting technique, all of the wall lamp products in this area are domestic production.