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Rattan Sunbed

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Rattan sunbed models

Rattan Şezlong
Rattan loungers with stylish design add value to the time spent at the pool and sea sides, offering a combination of comfort and aesthetic visuality. The rattan lounger models, which are extremely comfortable to use and easy to carry with their light structure, have many advantages in terms of cleaning and maintenance.
All rattan loungers in our product catalog are produced with first hand craft by using original rattan yarn and completely hand knitted. With the production of domestic and foreign brands, these elegant rattan loungers can be used for many years and reveal their quality over time. The rattan, which is durable enough to challenge the years, is not affected by the chlorine pool and salty sea water, but it is not affected by the dust and sand particles that are carried by the wind and abrades the wooden surfaces. Rattan loungers that do not need maintenance and can be used in any climate without any problem can be cleaned easily by keeping water with hose.
Rattan sun loungers, which are guaranteed for two years and are separated from similar products with their quality, are ready for delivery in their special packaging in our stocks. With your order, our teams can ship the product within the same day. You can buy our rattan deck chair models with the opportunity to use with our attractive price options for a long time.

Rattan sunbed

Relax and sip your lemonade while listening to the sound of the waves lying down on your comfortable and comfortable loungers. You are also surrounded by nature and enjoy the comfort of your first class quality lounge chair, which is completely handmade with the original rattan rope. Isn't it exactly what you need and a dream you deserve? So what are you waiting to accomplish? In addition to its comfort and comfort, our rattan lounger model, which will meet all your needs and expectations with its authentic and pleasant appearance, steals your door with the privilege of Akbrella.
Rattan, which is a very durable material that allows long term use, adds many advantages to the model as well as quality and transforms our model into an indispensable product. Our rattan lounger model which can be used easily in all kinds of climates and conditions without the need of maintenance is still a very useful product with its quality. To reach our product with all the privileges, all you have to do is take a look at our models in this section to order the most suitable product and wait for this convenient, modern and high quality product to steal your door.

■ Imported from abroad and domestic luxury original rattan rope is built on different models with attractive prices up to 9 months installment on this platform is at your service.
■ Imported rattan loungers with original rattan rope are washable and have a stylish stance.
■ You can call us on 0212 546 46 58 for discounted prices when you need rattan sunbeds.
■ All of our rattan sunbeds are guaranteed for 2 years and are not guaranteed against bird droppings, acids and caustics.
■ Rattan chaise lounges sales are delivered to the cargo company or warehouse company in about 24 hours