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The wooden garden furniture, which adds an elegant visuality to the outdoor space and adds comfort to the time spent outdoors, is easily manufactured with 100% natural material and easily adapts to all decoration styles. These special design wooden furniture, which are not fashionable for a certain style or style, are the models that determine the decoration trends of every period. Wood garden furniture models, which are among the first options preferred by commercial enterprises to maximize customer satisfaction, have design options that exceed the comfort and aesthetic expectations of living spaces.
We use baked beech wood for wooden garden furniture models, so we combine the elegance of beech with its durability. This special design garden furniture made of cork preserves its first appearance without being affected by the climatic conditions in summer and winter as the products that are suitable for long term use and high durability. Our products are covered with water-based paint and varnish to protect against adverse environmental conditions such as dense sunlight, wind-borne and abrasive wooden surfaces. Wooden garden furniture that can be used for many years without compromising the climatic conditions and without compromising its elegance, promises prestigious elegance in all open spaces thanks to our creativity in design.
Wooden garden furniture, which distinguishes its production quality from the first use, is designed with different locations and different comfort expectations in mind. Our simple but eye-catching design wooden furniture models that meet the expectations in terms of visuality are also comfortable to respond to every comfort need. Order the products in our catalog of wooden garden furniture which meets the naturalness with stylish designs and comfortable designs, and start using your wooden garden furniture in your hands within a few days without spending extra for installation.


Your home, pleasant conversations, pleasant gatherings, delicious dining tables and guests are part of the garden: Bahçeniz doğ Do you want to turn this place into a small world of pleasant moments? A world of your own, which you have designed with your own taste and you will be with your loved ones zev
In this part of our site as Akbrella we offer our customers this little touch that will touch the world. You will enjoy the sun and a pleasant time without the need for cushion models, coffee tables, sipping coffee tables, your family will spend fun moments of swing models, your guests will have pleasant conversations with your gazebo models, to transform your garden into a park, every product is just a key distance to your product. It is very easy to turn your garden and terraces into a part of the nature with every product you want to have in line with your taste. . Our products are very effective with the durability of the appearance as well as the decor brought by the appearance of this product in front of all of these features are waiting for you in this part of our site at the most affordable prices.



Among our domestic production and imported products, our wooden garden swing models are available in swing models with cushion pillow accessories in different sizes and different sizes as single, double, triple and four seater models.
Our wooden swings are packed in the condition that they will be transported between the cities in our warehouse in case of order and within 24 hours, they are given to the warehouse transportation companies which carry out the most suitable transportation process and delivery of the door to the owners in 2 * 3 days.
The wooden garden swing made of Russian spruce pine includes a booklet describing the installation and can be easily installed by one person with the help of the wrench and the L key.



It has never been easier to have a wooden gazebo and camellia.
The wooden gazebo and camellia products you will order will be delivered to your door delivery within 2-3 hours in a short time by warehouse transportation companies within 24 hours.
It is very easy to install these products, all screws, somum, etc. comes in a package of accessories can be installed easily by 2 people, there is a booklet describing the installation



Tens of models made of aluminum cast and with a combination of wood and metal are available in our wooden seating model for outdoor use. These products are delivered in stock in 7-9 days as of the order.



Wooden picnic tables which are affected by harsh weather conditions and the rays of the angry burning sun are ready to be shipped in stock in our warehouse in stock, they are delivered to your address by warehouse transport companies in as little as 2-3 days upon order.



You can view our models of square and rectangular wooden tables in dozens of round forms that you can use in the outdoor environment from this page of our site and the following pages.
In our modern line and classic, nostalgic many kinds of tables suitable for outdoors, foldable practical wooden garden table models, you can buy our site online.



You will have the opportunity to examine our wooden garden chair which is made of various wood, which is suitable for every taste suitable for use in the garden, terrace and balcony of the food and beverage establishments.
We recommend you to take a close look at our highly collapsible foldable wooden chairs which are amongst the most demanded products.
We offer a bonus card with a 4-month interest-free maturity advantage and a 3% extra discount in cash purchases for 500 TL or more.